Boliu High School graduates 69 pioneer Grade 10s


THE Boliu High School in Mussau Island, New Ireland, has graduated its pioneer 69 Grade 10 and last 22 Grade 8 pupils after 40 years of primary education.
New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan, Kavieng MP Ben Micah and delegates from the provincial government travelled 120km for five hours through on seas to witness the celebrations.
Speaking at the event, Sir Julius elaborated on the effectiveness of how the New Ireland government provided services through subsidised education along the rural parts of the province.
“The further you are, the more we care,” Sir Julius said. He donated a 100kva generator and funding to make Boliu a secondary school in the future.
Micah told the students that he was a pioneer of Boliu High School in the 1970s and encouraged the students to study hard.
“If this school made me who I am, then what’s stopping you?” Micah asked the students.
He donated a 23ft boat with 40hp engine and committed funds to powerline installation on every building in the school so that the 100kva generator could be utilised by the school.
Boliu High School principal Tirah Laia said there were a lot of criticisms in the first term of the school, not enough material to run the school, shortage of funds, few qualified secondary teachers and school facilities where run down.
“That does not write Boliu off, it’s only the beginning and rough water’s makes good sailors,” Laia said.

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