Boom gate plan to control PMV movement


THE Klinki PMV Assosciation of Wau-Bulolo has proposed to build a boom gate along their highway to limit unauthorised PMVs arriving in the district.
President of Klinki PMV Association Dan Nali said the proposed boom gate would control the movement of PMVs into the district and would protect indigenous PMV owners’ rights to operate PMVs along that route.
“We have more than 110 registered members of the association with over 260 vehicles and the proposed boom gate would serve the interest of the association,” he said.
Nali told The National that many PMVs from other routes were frequently travelling into Wau-Bulolo highway and killing their business.
He said Bulolo was the largest district in Morobe and there were many local PMV owners operating (Route 2) there, so PMVs from other routes should respect them.
He  said their proposed plan only targeted movement of PMVs but police could also use the boom gate to check on vehicles to curb movement of criminals and illegal substances.

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