Boroko market a ‘blessing’


Making ends meet is a daily struggle for many people in the country, especially those living in a  city like Port Moresby, where it is important to have a constant source of income to sustain your livelihood.
For many families, having only one bread winner in the family is not enough,  and can sometimes be exhaustive for that person who is employed.
The need to support and complement the main bread winner often drives other family members to seek other income-earning avenues such as selling market produce.
Thirty-two-year-old Koiari woman Racheal Rome, from Girabu village in the Rigo, knows this only too well as she has been doing this for several years.
Rome lives at Korobosea with her uncle’s family.
Her husband is a taxi driver and her uncle is a government employee.
Rome said that although both men contributed to the upkeep of family, prices of goods and services had increased, so she had taken to selling food crops to complement their effort.
She sees the new Boroka Market as a timely blessing.
“I have been selling food crops for the past few years along the roadside next to J-Mart shop at Korobosea,” Rome said.
“Since Monday, after its opening, I moved to Boroko Market to sell”, Rome said.
“The move to Boroko has both advantages and disadvantages.
“I buy my market goods from farmers and resell.
“I have not been making enough profit (at Boroka Market) due to the items not selling quick enough.
“I know the market is still new and that there will be competition among sellers.
“I hope the situation gets better for me as time progresses”.
Rome thanked NCG Governor Powes Parkop for Boroko Market as an alternative to Gordon.

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