Boy,7, in hospital after tree falls on house


A SEVEN-year-old boy is admitted at the Mt Hagen provincial hospital while 14 other people from Chuave in Chimbu narrowly escaped death when a huge gum tree fell on the their home.
The incident took place at around 11pm on Monday at Tarangau in Mt Hagen.
Mathias Marome, from the Kepai tribe in Chuave, was with his family when the tree fell on their home following continuous heavy rain and strong winds.
Marome told The National at the scene yesterday that he called the people together to pray before going to bed when they heard a huge noise on the roof.
He said that his seven-year-old son Justin was inside his bedroom and the tree fell on the house. He received injuries on his right eye.
Marome said six of the 14 people in the house were children and it was heartbreaking to see them trying to run from the destruction.
“We did not know what happened, we escaped death and I thank God for saving us,” he said.
“Many of us could have been sunk into the ground but God protected us,” he said.
He said only Justin was injured because he was inside the room when the tree fell directly over him.
“I called his name but Justin did not respond and I thought he was dead but then he was still breathing so we rushed him to the hospital,” Marome said.
Marome said all his properties including beddings, a television set, food, cooking utensils and other valuable items were destroyed.
Marome, who is a Christian, believed that because of his faithfulness to God, his family members was saved.

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