Break the cycle of violence, minister says

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National Planning Minister Charles Abel has challenged Papua New Guinean men to break the cycle of violence.
Speaking at the Sanap Wantaim campaign last Friday in Parliament, Abel said violence was a form of bullying and sexual assault so common in PNG.
“Sorcery-related violence is a sickening assault by younger men usually over older women. Today we think that violence is a normal way to deal with a problem,” he said.
“Many of us come from violent homes and I don’t want empty pledges, I want sacrifice and commitment because that is what real men do.
“Report to the police, do something about it. This is a partnership to bring freedom to our women and girls so they can fly. Let’s make Port Moresby safe, let’s make PNG safe for our families,” the Alotau MP said
“In our new and modern civic life  in Port Moresby, it’s an obvious part of this personal commitment to changing this city for the better.
“Violence is not the answer, you and I demand a new normal, we want a city and a country where families with children can play, move around freely and girls got to school and markets just like they are in their own homes.
“We want our daughters to be educated to have children at the right time, to be loved and cherished by their husbands just as we love and cherish them.
“We wave our orange hands and pledge to make PNG safe for women and girls. We need to talk about this issue to tell our brothers and sisters to step in and to stop when a wife or child is being beaten,” Abel said.
“We gather here today because all is not well and we know that we still have a long way to go. Today is International Day to End Violence Against Women. We acknowledge UN Women, NCDC and the Australian government for the Sanap Wantaim campaign and the Safe Cities programme.
“We have the StaRS campaign of this government which asks all Papua New Guineans to get active for positive development. What can we do to build this great nation?
I will do my best to help build this country for their future and the children. I’ve got to start with me before I blame anybody else; I accept all the pledges from you on behalf of the government of PNG,” Abel said.

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