Brewery staff raise awareness


THE South Pacific Brewery Limited, a part of the Heineken company, will hold its annual Enjoy Responsibly (ER) Day tomorrow.
It will coincide with the 42nd Independence Day celebrations. The day is celebrated in all Heineken markets around the world during the month of September.
The celebration is dedicated especially to the awareness on the responsible consumption of alcohol.
One of the activities is the awareness on water consumption in between drinks.
City Pharmacy Group Limited donated 100 cartons of water to SP Brewery to carry out its activity in Port Moresby, Lae, East New Britain during the Frangipani Festival, and in Eastern Highlands during the Goroka Cultural Show.
SP Brewery staff have been giving out at selected outlets in the centres water bottles, flyers and stickers.
They have been advising the people to drink water regularly to stay refreshed and to reduce the effects of hangovers.
They are also advising them to eat before or while drinking to slow down alcohol absorption.

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