Bridge to boost growth in Jimi


THE plan to seal the K10 million 33km Banz-Karap Road linking North Waghi and Jimi districts of Jiwaka is taking shape, according to Jimi MP Wake Goi.
Materials for three important bridges along the road were transported to the site last week.
Jimi MP Wake Goi said that Mt-Hagen company Sweatz Ramat Construction had been engaged to build the Aprip bridge in North Waghi and Kaunang and Enbalim bridges in Jimi.
“Part of the plan to seal the Banz-Karap Road is to ensure we build metal bridges that can bear the weight of semi-trailers and last more than 100 years,” he said.
“I, for one, believe that better roads and bridges for my district is the key and lifeline of more than 50,000 people in Jimi.
“Under my leadership, we will build the best roads and bridges for the people of Jimi.
“Jimi people have suffered enough.
“We want to transform the least-developed and rugged district in the country once and for all.
“We will connect all of Jimi and open it up like never attempted before.
“Ten million kina is a lot of money.
“It is the people’s money which must materialise into goods, services and human resource development.
“We are very serious in leaving behind positive legacies in a honest and transparent manner.”
Engineer and managing director of Sweatz Ramat Construction Edward Maniat and his workers transported bridge parts from the Works Department in Mt Hagen to the site on Friday.
He said compact reinforced 18-metre-long bailey bridges, which could stand the weight of semi-trailers, would be built.
“This means the bridges can bear the weights of semi-trailers and can last very long,” Maniat said.
Goi said the Karap-Kol Road upgrade currently in progress was being undertaken by KaiaWorks Engineering Company.

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