Brother-in-law killed and had his private parts eaten


A MAN from Northern is in police custody after his brother-in-law was killed last week and had his private parts eaten.
Provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari said the incident was a serious case because of the manner in which the crime was allegedly committed. Gerari said the accused was allegedly on drugs when he was alleged to have committed the crime on Tuesday morning.
“The man in his mid-30s is a known drug edict who had been reported to have lost his mind because of the nature of the incident,” Gerari said.
“According to witnesses and relatives, the man chopped up his brother-in-law into pieces and he cooked the man’s private parts and ate them.
“The people just watched helplessly because they couldn’t do anything about it.
“I have never heard of such an incident in any part of the country or world of persons behaving like an animal.”
Gerari called on the community to help address social problems like the abuse of drugs and alcohol.
“Smoking drugs and consuming homemade alcohol leads to death and that message must be filtered to all the communities in the province,” he said. “I have been on Radio Northern time and again to inform the people of Oro on the dangers of drugs and homebrew and no one seems to take heed of it.”
“We continue to report such serious cases but prevention is far from happening and I’m calling on village councillors, law-and-order committees and leaders to step in and help.”

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