Brown a prophtess of Baal


I HAVE heard two parts audio “Prepare for War” by Rebecca Brown, a medical doctor from USA.
She has made very controversial statements against many Christian Churches and other pagan religions.
But her target is the Roman Catholic Church and her Magisterium.
Many of her points about testing the spirits are quite ordinary.
Her claims against apparitions of Virgin Mary at Fatima and other Church doctrines and dogmas such as the Immaculate Conception are questionable.
Without disclosing what Christian Church Brown professes, she makes very anti-Christian and anti-Catholic statements.
Her alleged witnesses are given single names as pseudonyms, making it difficult to verify her witnesses. This leads to difficulties in authenticating her views. If she is about truth, why is she so protective of her witnesses?  Are they fearful of truth as their ways might be evil done under cover of darkness?
This would make Brown a prophetess of Baal. She has no authority in scripture to teach such matters.
Perhaps she or any of her followers could show us to her authority in her church.
In spiritual warfare, undermining authority is a sure way of opening door to evil.
Has Brown got authority of her Church leadership to be risking blasphemous views?

Prophet, Via email

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