BSP renovates refuge centre


THE Bank South Pacific (BSP) has refurbished a long standing refuge centre for survivors of family and sexual violence run by PNG Lifeline in Port Moresby.
PNG Lifeline has served and assisted hundreds of victims, generally women who have gone through gender-based violence.
The organisation provides refuge, counselling, training and assists with rehabilitation.
BSP’s retail strategic business unit renovated and an old refuge house that was abandoned a few years back.
The staff contributed in washing the building, cleaning the yard and repainting the building.
The project was delivered within four weeks.
Renovation was done by local contractor which included replacing of walls, roof, fly wire and ablution facilities.
Chairman of PNG Lifeline Clyde Willis said: “The refurbishments mean that more families will be able to be housed in safe emergency accommodation.
“We very much valued such work done by a recognised financial institution like BSP for the community.”

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