Bugandi’s water supply cut off


A SCHOOL in Lae has had its water supply cut off because it could not pay the bills.
Bugandi Secondary School principal Tony Gau said they could not pay their water bill because they had not received their full tuition fee-free funding from the Government.
“We only received K1.2 million of the total K3 million that we were supposed to get this year.”
Gau said the school also owed PNG Power K300,000 in electricity bills since 2005.
“We told them to give us until October but we are yet to get the funds and pay up,” he said
“So they might cut the power as well anytime,” he said. Gau said they had submitted all the information to the provincial education division and were waiting for a response.
The school has 1746 students and 55 teachers.
Gau said water was cut during the Grade 10 and 12 examinations.
“Students and cooks use teachers’ houses to fetch water during the past six weeks for cooking and students’ needs,” he explained.
Meanwhile, Busu Secondary School principal George Noble said in a report that the school was currently running on credit.
“We did not pay bills for priority areas like water, power, security and printer for last month,” he said.
“It is more than K40,000.”
The school has written to Water PNG and PNG Power not to disconnect their services until the Grade 9 and 11 assessments were completed.
“The school just managed to pay ancillary staff wages last fortnight, Noble said.
“It is going to be extremely hard after this point.”

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