Building to have traditonal designs


THE new Pomio district administration building will have posts depicting traditional designs.
Pomio MP Elias Kapavore said in Kokopo last Friday that the building would depict the Pomio “Haus Boi.”
The building is at Jacquinot Bay, Palmalmal Station.
He said local people carved out the traditional designs on the 40 posts.
Kapavore said a helipad would be built in the yard.
“We are hoping that the administration building will be completed by May 17. It depends on rain disruptions,” he said.
It is understood that the district administration has committed K5 million for the project.
Kapavore said the district administration had been without an office for years, forcing public servants to work from their homes and having official meetings in Kokopo.
“We need a proper environment to work in,” he said.
Kapavore said the lack of an administration office for Pomio had been an outstanding issue.
He said it was critical for public servants to work in a conducive environment to encourage positive outcomes.
“We have hard working public service in the districts. But they cannot perform to their best if they do not have a proper office,” he said.
Kapavore also said Jacquinot airstrip will be upgraded soon after K1 million under the provincial support improvement programme was released for the project.
He said the Pomio district Development Authority has committed K500 000 for the airstrip upgrade.

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