Buimo assists former prisoners


AN initiative taken by Buimo prison will see prisoners returning home from jail receive
assistance to support them start a new life.
The initiative called “After Prison Integration Programme” came in to assist former prisoners create a new approach to life and also assist patients and other people in need.
Last Friday Buimo Prison commander Superintendant Felix Nomane was accompanied by low-risk prisoners when he presented a 150kg bale of second-hand clothes to Angau
Memorial Hospital as part of the initiative.
Nomane said the initiative should also assist prisoners after serving their terms with one bale
of clothes to  start something useful for them.
“Sometimes, when such assistance is not there, we see these same people coming back to prison because they were not supported at the first place to
start a new meaningful life,” Nomane said.
He said last week a prisoner who had served 14 years in jail was released with a 150kg blae of clothes to help him.
The initiative started after Buimo jail signed an agreement with a second-hand clothing company in Lae to supply four bales every month.
Nomane said the presentation made to the hospital would be repeated over the coming months to help those patients coming from outer districts.
Meanwhile, the director of nursing services Sr Concilla Amol, when receiving the gift, thanked Buimo administration on behalf of Angau administration, saying it was much appreciated.

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