Bulolo PMV operators want proper bus stop


A GROUP of public motor vehicle (PMV) operators in Morobe have called on authorities to build a proper bus stop for them in Lae city.
The Klinki PMV Association of Bulolo raised this concern last Tuesday after waiting in vain for a new PMV stop to be created for them.
Association chairman Dan Nali said their old PMV stop near the Lae Central police station in Top Town was removed last year to make way for a new police office complex.
Nali said, since then people traveling to and from Route 2 in Wau and Bulolo did not have a proper and permanent bus stop.
“We have made a couple of requests with the appropriate authorities but to date there is no bus stop created for us,” Nali said.
“Our people are waiting for PMVs in town opposite the PNG Power office along Coronation Drive.
“This place is not a designated bus stop.
“It does not look good to see people with large cargoes sitting in the heart of town.”
Nali said his group has more than 200 vehicles ranging from trucks to Toyota Land Cruisers that serve people from Wau, Bulolo and surrounding villages but they were picking up and dropping off people in all corners of Lae because there was no proper PMV stop.
“We bring our coffee bags, garden produce and gold into Lae to sell,” Nali said.
“We are customers and we are indirectly paying tax to the Government and contributing to the economy and our people deserve better,” he said.
Nali appealed to city manager Roy Kamen, mayor Koim Trilu Leahy and acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou to find a permanent place for Route 2 PMVs so that they would not have do not go all over the city to load and unload passengers and their cargoes.
He said proper bus stop was necessary and the authorities must respond quickly

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