Bumayong plans to become school of excellence

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THE Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School in Lae is planning to become a school of excellence to cater for a second batch of students that are unable to secure spaces in tertiary institutions.
It will change its name from Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School to Bumayong School of Excellence.
Planning is in progress after first stakeholders and departmental heads consultative meeting mid this year. The final report from the planning sub-committee of the school governing council will be submitted to the national (Lutheran) church council next month for determination.
The document will then be presented to the provincial education board to deliberate and endorse to seek funding assistance to start the project.
Sub-committee chairman Moses Wanga said the aim was to work in line with government’s education policy to accommodate the five per cent of the students that are unable to secure spaces in tertiary institutions.
Wanga said only top five per cent of the students from secondary and the national high schools were selected to tertiary institutions.
The second batch of students, though eligible are unable to continue onto tertiary institutions due to limited spaces.
Some of them will be taken by Bumayong School of Excellence.
He said the approach was for the church and government to work in partnership in providing education services for a brighter future.
The subcommittee comprise of Wanga, Duaro Embi, Jeptha Gelinde, Daniel Saya and Ricky Seske.
Embi said Bumayong was the first Lutheran school to be piloted for the school of excellence concept.
The first lot of students will be from Momase region.
Embi said the success of Bumayong would determine the establishment of another school of excellence in the Highlands utilising the Lutheran Church’s existing education infrastructure, which would give previleges to hundreds of students who are left out.

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