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ALL buses serving the Manu Autoport to Taurama route (Route 19) in the National Capital District are operating illegally, according to 4-Mile police traffic section Inspector Philip Koliadi.
He told The National that only six of the PMVs serving that route were registered in 2014 but they too were now operating without licences.
“All the buses that operate there, about 15-20 of them, are currently operating illegally,” Koliadi said.
“The advice to vehicle owners and operators is to renew their PMV licences and those who have not registered must apply to the Land Transport Board to register.”
Koliadi also stressed that vehicles not roadworthy should be fixed for the safety of the travelling public.
“This not only applies to PMVs but also to other vehicles on the road,” Koliadi said.
He said the bus fares for that route was K1 for adults and 50t for students because the current K2 fares were unauthorised and illegal.
Koliadi said students must show school IDs to pay the student fare when travelling.
He said that these fares were for all passengers on any route in the city.
“For operators and owners, if you have grievances for fuel costs and parts of vehicles, you will have to justify your complaints with the office of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC),” Koliadi said.
He said that police and the Department of Transport would not be responsible for their complaints so they have to raise those with the right authorities. Koliadi said as the law- enforcing body, they were planning to engage the Land Transport Board to inspect buses serving the Taurama route. He also urged other bus owners operating illegal routes to stop forthwith and return to their designated routes.
Koliadi said some of these vehicles were also running without lights at night which was dangerous to pedestrians.
“Do not drive after 6pm if you have problems with the lights on your vehicle,” he warned.

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