Businessman boosts standard of taxi services


A SMALL businessman has started a taxi service in Port Moresby aiming to raise the quality of service to the people including tourists.
Jessie Wangua, 35, from Ialibu in Southern Highlands, recently launched his City Loop taxi service in the capital city.
“Our aim is to improve the standard of taxi service and that is to provide a taxi service which is reliable, efficient, affordable and safe,” Wangua told The National.
Wangua wants to provide a service that is trustworthy and will give confidence to international visitors. He however hopes that the taxi licensing process can be streamlined to ensure operators are not left waiting for ages by Government agencies with their applications.
They have to be processed by the Transport Department, Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited, Traffic and the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission.
“I am urging the Government to streamline the functions to be more efficient and to support the SMEs (small to medium enterprises),” Wangua said.
“That will really help people who want to start up small businesses. Sometimes it’s the process involved in establishing small businesses like a taxi service which is cumbersome and really needs to be improved by the Government departments.” The City Loop taxi service began business two weeks ago. All vehicles have the GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking installed to give their locations at any given time. Each taxi has an EFTOS machine and a meter installed for the customers’ convenience. He says taxi fares are regulated by ICCC. He has arranged with the Daimond Defensive Driving Academy to provide training for his 12 taxi drivers.
“We formally employ them, contribute to Nasfund and have medical cover,” he said.
“In the future, we are looking at providing accommodation.”
Wangua hopes to partner with the Tourism Promotion Authority to boost tourism in the country.

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