Businessman to introduce cheaper MRI service


AN Indian businessman plans to discuss with officials of the Port Moresby General Hospital and Health Department about introducing a more affordable magnetic resonance imaging scan service to the country.
Thanavarrshan Ap was responding to a report in The National on the hospital’s submission of a user-fee plan to the health department.
He said the user fee and maintenance cost per year he planned to introduce would be cheaper and more affordable.
He said this would enable the majority of the middle-class population to access the service.
He wants to partner with the government.
“I see the need of MRI scans in the country, hence I can provide this service with the assistance of my parents who are professional doctors working in India,” he said.
The hospital is requesting to charge a user fee of K1000 in which K500 will be paid by the patient and K500 subsidised by the government.
At the moment, all services are free while awaiting the approval of the National Executive Council.

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