Businessman urges Works Dept to fix damage


THE owner of a lodge situated along the Highlands Highway outside Lae city wants the Department of Works to clear a waterway that is damaging his property.
Yalu Lodge owner Robert Jiwaka says the nearby Tumburu Creek is becoming a threat to his business and residents.
He said he had invested K48 million in the lodge which was still under construction, along with a trade store, a fast food outlet, a liquor shop and a hire-car business.
He said across from his properties were three creeks and the construction unit of the Department of Works had blocked off two and channelled the water to a single creek.
He said during downpours, water overflowed into his properties causing a buildup of sediment.
Jiwaka’s entire property was inundated during a recent downpour experienced in Lae and parts of Morobe which destroyed many villages, roads, bridges, gardens and schools.
“I have made several attempts to the Works office in Lae and advised them to come and fix their problem which has caused damage to my business and yet nothing was done,” he said.
“National Works Department  keeps failing miserably in their duty and responsibilities to fix all these deteriorated roads and culvert starting at 10-Mile to Yalu and Nadzab while tax payers and many multi-million kina companies along these stretch of highway are feeling the pain of their unrealistic and unprofessional constructions.”
Jiwaka said to prevent further damage, he had spent K30,000 to construct a gabion basket but that has not solved the problem.
“The government is charging us huge sums of taxes and yet the responsible government agency is not treating us right although we invest millions of kina here.”

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