Busu Bridge reopens

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THE PEOPLE of Wain-Erap local level government in Nawaeb, Morobe, finally wore smiles when they witnessed the reopening of the Busu Bridge in Boana on Wednesday.
The ribbon-cutting was done jointly by Nawaeb MP and Education vice-minister Gisuwat Siniwin and Morobe Governor and parliamentary leader for Christian Democratic Party Kelly Naru.
Naru acknowledged the three contractors involved – Bestu Construction, PNG Construction and Huon Construction – for their work on the bridge.
He said the reconstruction was a joint partnership between the provincial government and  provincial Works with the three contractors.
Naru said Morobe was affected by the La Nina (wet) season that resulted in homes being washed away, people displaced and food gardens and infrastructure destroyed.
“We are in an appalling time and in such time there is a saying that goes “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”
He said the only way to face the problems and solve them was through working together.
Naru said that kind of partnership was important to progress development in the province and the nation.
“We have heard that this bridge was washed away by floods in 1996.  It took seven years to restore it because there was no partnership, no attention and focus taken to address the issue.” he said.
“On  October 13 soil on the section of the bridge was washed away and by November 18 the bridge was up and operating. It took us just over a month to fix the bridge, and this kind of response shows what your servants can do for you.”
Naru said the bridge cost K1.8m.

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