By-products very useful


RICE is considered a staple food in Papua New Guinea. It is consumed on a daily basis without much thought given into how it’s made, where it comes from and what other uses it has.
“Everything about the rice in general is used. Nothing is thrown away,” Trukai Industries’ Seed Production/Breeder, Aina Davis, said.
“Hull and bran are by-products of the rice after it is milled.
“The hull is the covering removed from the actual rice seed, which gives us brown rice. These are then made into poultry and livestock feed.
“So you see, nothing about rice is wasted.”
Trukai Industries was one of many exhibitors during the 33rd Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum and Trade Expo this week at The Stanley Hotel & Suites, showcasing its various grains and beans used in livestock feed production.
Davis said the idea of growing rice and using it in a sustainable way was the purpose of Trukai’s focus on village sustainable rice development programme.
“Trukai Industries is helping rural farmers to fully utilise rice and its byproducts for their daily living.
“The hull and the bran can be supplemented by sorghum, mungbeans and soy beans to feed chickens, ducks, cows and pigs.
“It is a healthy supplement as it gives them nutrients and fibre.”

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