Cadets undergo chopper training


By Alphonse Porau
Twenty-seven cadets from the Bomana Police Training College have undergone training on safety procedures in the use of helicopters when responding to disasters.
The training was conducted by Australian army pilots at Bomana outside Port Moresby last week.
Bomana Police College commandant Chief Supt Perou N’Dranou said this was the first time for cadets to undergo such training in safety process in working with helicopters.
“This is a first time for this group of cadets to undergo such training. Hence, if we encounter natural disasters this group of people will be leading the team,” he said.
“The big thing is for them to learn the safety aspects of going in and out of the choppers and maybe if they have time they can get them for a ride to experience how to travel in a helicopter.
“It is a must they have to get it right so they do the right thing when there is an emergency. They should be trained and be ready for deployment in any time.”
N’Dranou said they had arranged the training with the Australian army team who were in the country to assist in running the national election.
He said it was an opportunity while the Australian Army helicopter was here as it would be difficult to get an aircraft in the future to run such programmes.
“The Australia Army officers are more engaged with our defence force so while the pilots are here and with the availability of the chopper we made arrangements for the cadets to get an opportunity to do their training,” N’dranou said.

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