Call to address needs of youths to curb crime


LAW and order issues around the Gordon market area can be controlled if authorities work together to address the needs of youths, a market official says.
Gordon Market Informal Sector Umbrella Association president Sana Dokopa said youths who were involved in law and order problems were mainly unemployed.
“These are our children that have needs who are trying to do something to fend for themselves,” she said.
She said when police patrolled the market area, the youths behaved themselves.
Dokopa said police needed support.
“Organisations like churches, NGOs, government departments, NCDC and people like us need to work together to identify and address the needs of our young people,” she said.
Dokopa said the association had tried to assist youths by establishing the North East Reform Youth Association to get those young people engaged in basic trainings and education programmes.
“We have graduated a number of them with certificates in basic training courses but they tend to end up again on the streets and continue to do the same bad things. Unless our leaders and the government assist them with education and employment, I believe we will not be faced with so much problem,” she said.

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