Call to address road blocks


PNG Road Transport Association (RTA) president Jacob Luke said on  Friday that the road blocks along the Highlands Highway have badly affected the transport industry.
He said RTA has put down money to negotiate and reach an understanding with locals along the highway for free passes without getting its members’ properties being damaged or drivers getting hurt.
“Many of the recent road blocks were election-related and people took them as opportunities to demand from the industry.”
Luke, who is also owner of Mapai Transport Limited, said his fleet was not affected much but the company has contributed cash towards meeting the demands of the people along the highway.
“With this issue facing us on the highway now, some of our fleets have been subject to destruction and in some instances, drivers were also hurt at the road blocks,” he said.
He said leaders must stand tall to address this issue now and
not later.
Luke told The National that many such incidents along the Highlands Highway have affected transport companies.
“We are helping in a greater way to the development of our country and deserve better treatment from the people and those that
we work with.”
He said that every time when there was a problem along the highway, people expected payment to be made in cash in order to allow trucks to pass through.
He commented that the Government must  address this issue and make the transportation flow without hindrance.

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