Call to consider Bird’s comment


THE critical and analytical comment made by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird last month on the accuracy of data deliberation in Parliament should be taken into consideration by our local MPs.
The principal accountabilities of parliamentarians are to enact laws of the country, and to ensure that services are delivered in electorates they represent.
Hence, data interpretation provided by sources should be of substance and based on facts.
Of course, this is all about managing the entire population, dealing with managing human’s social needs and welfare.
Data collection and interpretation is significant and should be done thoroughly and correctly.
The accuracy of facts and figures in the data enables authorities to deliver services according to the information provided.
Being considerate in delivering correct information will absolutely avoid inflating or even shortfalls in budget expenditures.
Parliamentarians should be well versed in organising and disseminating of information.

Jimmy Mondo
Nine-Mile Morobe Block
Nation’s Capital

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