Call to consider students with special needs


The Education Department’s measurement service division is calling on schools to nominate students with special needs in advance so that it can make special examination preparations for them.
Measurement services division acting assistant secretary Packiam Arulappan said this year, only one visually impaired Grade 10 student at Kondiu Secondary School in Chimbu was sitting the national examination and the school was working closely with the division to see that happened.
“Schools need to nominate students with such needs early so that we can prepare for them as well when the time comes for the national examinations,” he said.
Arulapan said although for that particular student the exam papers were printed at MSD using the embosser funded by AusAid, printing was done under strict supervision.
He said after exam papers arrived from offshore, examinations were scanned into the computer at the MSD  and with the help of Mt Zion staff, final touches were done on graphs and then printed in Braille and sealed.
Arulapan said that computers at the MSD were locked and secured and nothing could be taken out.

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