Call for cooperation, unity to give people access to services


WORKS Minister Michael Nali says time for playing politics is over and now is the time to work together in Parliament to bring development and services to  the people.
Nali, speaking to people in Aitape-Lumi, in West Sepik, said: “All of us in the country have only one mother and that is the Government.
“Whether a member is in the Opposition or in the Government, we all and our people depend on the government and that is very important that we must all understand.”
Nali said where there was an urgent need for services and leaders must work together to help the people.
“I’ve come here and seen the needs of our people to access roads,” he said.
“I will go back, discuss with the prime minister, donors and the Government to at least give access to the people.
“I have travelled and have seen that there are many people having no access to roads.
“They are Papua New Guineans and my priorities now will be to maintain the roads, especially the priority roads and secondly to give access.

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