Call for courses relevant in workforce


LABOUR and Industrial Relations Secretary Mary Morola has urged private institutions to teach relevant courses needed in the workforce.
Speaking during the presentation of certificates of registration to a number of private institutions last Friday, she said their applications went through a rigorous process to be certified and they have to do well.
Institute of Business Studies (IBS) Group of Companies,   International Training Institute, IT Job Training, Oro Applied Business Training Centre, Mc Williams Training Consultancy, Minerva Learning Centre and Datec Learning Centre were awarded certificates.
“We went through a very rigorous process screening the applications to make sure that the training that you deliver is of quality, is of relevance, and of the kind of skills needed in
the Papua New Guinea labour force.
“These certificates must mean something to you and your organisation, it must mean something to you and it must mean something for the country.
“Developing human resource is not easy as we hear a lot of criticism.
“You’ve got to train people with the knowledge and skills that are relevant for them to be able to find a job,” Morola told representatives of the institutions.
“It is up to you to make it possible to deliver that knowledge and skills, to impart that knowledge and skills to our workforce in PNG so that we meet the training needs of the industries.
“They can use the skills  to start up Small and Medium Entreprises (SME)
“We cannot train for the sake of training but we must train to meet the demand of this country so that we will be able to promote employment opportunities for the young people of this country.
The working age group must have some access to employment in this country and that is the biggest challenge for all of us here.”

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