Call to develop Lae, Mt Hagen and Kokopo


THE government have used the revenue from the LNG project, mining industries and loans to develop Port Moresby in the last five years.
There was massive developments in terms of infrastructures such as world class sports facilities, stadiums, the iconic Kumul fly over, quality roads, high-rise buildings etc.
It seems the government is concentrating on developing one side and forgot about the rest of the country.
Daru, Kerema, Kavieng, Wabag, Tari, Mendi and Lae are still dragging behind in infrastructure developments and basic government services despite being resource rich towns.
It would be better if government develop Lae, Kokopo and Mt Hagen to a capacity like Port Moresby, which could help reduce migrating of people and bring
services closer to the provinces in each regions.
It’s very sad to develop one place to a new standard and few have the privilege to benefit from the expense of others.


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