Call to embark on downstream processing of cocoa

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THE Autonomous Bougainville Government has been told to start looking for solutions to Bougainville’s economic woes and stop complaining about the lack of money.
South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu, pictured, said the region must seriously embark on downstream processing of cocoa and other economic projects as the building block for independence.
Masiu was speaking in the ABG Parliament during debate on a statement by the ABG Minister for Primary Industry Nicholas Daku which highlighted the success of the recent cocoa festival in Bougainville.
Masiu said he was impressed with the two cocoa festivals in Buin and Tinputz but said he was disappointed that Bougainville had no plans for the downstream processing of cocoa.
“Why can’t we process cocoa chocolate here in Bougainville because these are the building blocks for independence?” Masiu said.
“We must wake up and start thinking proactively. We must stop talking about problems and look for solutions to our problems. Let’s think positively.”
He said the region must develop a food bowl as a food security measure and to counter the threat of starvation.

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