Call to end violence

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Port Moresby city residents have been urged to join in the Sanap Wantaim campaign to put an end to violence and make the city a safer place.
The campaign initiated by the United Nations Women in partnership with NCDC saw students from Wardstrip Primary School join youths and development partners to mark the international day to end violence against women and girls.
“Sanap Wantaim is an event, is an invitation to all of us young and old, men, women, girls and boys to stand together,” National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said.
“Whether you are perpetrator or you are the victim or survivor or you’re just bystanders, we all have to stand together because when we say no, when we say enough and  when we say stop that’s when it will happen. It will not happen on its own.
“Violence and perpetration of violence will not just disappear when we just wish it to go away. No, it needs you men to be men and be champions and stand up and say I want to stop my bad habit of perpetrating violence.
“I want to stop my culture of perpetrating violence or resorting to violence and I want to stop creating fear and harassment.
“When you say that, then it will start to end because the fact is we all know it’s us men who are mainly the perpetrators of violence here in our country because we are generally still a male-dominated culture.”

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