Call to establish economy board


SIR Nagora Bogan wants to see an economy development board established to negotiate, manage and oversee economy-related matters and affairs.
He said MPs and secretaries who had little or no knowledge about economic principles should stop travelling overseas to sign deals. The job should be done by the board instead, he suggested.
The board, he said, should include business-minded executives from relevant government agencies and companies to deal specifically with economy matters and investments in and out of the country.
Sir Nagora was critical about the current status of the economy which he described as “scramble” when he spoke at the PNG National Party fundraising dinner in Lae last Friday.
He said that the leadership of the country did not reposition or expand the economy base to maximise revenue, but relied heavily on the extractive industries.
Landowners from extractive localities for gas, oil, petroleum and mining industry areas are still pursuing government to pay them.
“We need stop MPs and secretaries signing economy deals and create the development board to deal with economy.” Sir Nagora said.

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