Call for fair delivery of services


SINASINA-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua has urged Chimbu MPs to deliver services fairly and equitably to all.
He issued the message at  yesterday’s provincial assembly swearing-in ceremony in Kundiawa and that MPs should not follow the tendency to serve only their voters and supporters.
“When I was first elected in 2012, I did not know what to do,” the former justice minister and attorney-general said.
“As a first time MP, I asked around and the answer I received was to give priority to where I collected the most votes from.
“This advice troubled my conscience. I told myself not to act against my conscience to serve my people fairly and equally.
“I want to share this experience as a learning curve so that with our new MPs, we must change this mentality of serving our voters and supporters only.
“After all, we are elected as leaders to serve everybody, regardless of their political affiliations.
“We must not draw distinction or discriminate between our supporters or campaign managers.”
Kua pledged the support of the three new district MPs and his two fellow MPs from Gumine and Chuave who retained their seats along with himself to Governor Michael Dua.
Those who were sworn in as members of the provincial assembly yesterday were Kerowaghi MP Bari Palma, Karimui-Salt Nomane MP Geoffrey Kama, Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Willie Onguglo and Kua.
The governor was sworn in last month.
Gumine MP Nick Kuman and Chuave MP Were Mori were absent.
“We will appoint a deputy governor as well as the LLG presidents of some districts as soon as we have our first assembly meeting,” Dua said.
“The two MPs who are cabinet ministers can come later and be sworn in.”

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