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By Alphonse Porau
PEOPLE living  in a settlement at Morata One are calling on their MP Michael Malabag and National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop to find an alternative site to relocate them.
This concern was raised after 11,000 people were evicted and their houses destroyed since Monday at Morata the Gateway Lobu Mountain community to make way for a new road to join the back road at Gerehu.
George Pokati, a community elder, told The National that they were not against developments that were taking place but all they wanted was time to find a place to resettle the community.
“We received the eviction notice three months before the eviction but our people have been looking for a place to resettle,” he said.
“We are not against the development that has been planned but our concern is that we should have been given some time to look for a proper place.
“It is not fair to us if places like the settlement at Paga Hill and 8-Mile can be resettled.
“Why can’t we be relocated by the NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby Northwest MP Michael Malabag.
“We have to be properly compensated for the loss of our properties because some of us have land titles and our members should come to our aid to relocate us.” Parkop was informed about the eviction but he said that he saw the report in The National on Wednesday.
“I am only aware of the eviction on the road corridor from Gerehu to Waigani but not any other eviction elsewhere at Morata.” Parkop said.
“The eviction on the road corridor is happening after the residents’ case to stop its collapse, so to progress the road, we have to do eviction.
“We will assist the people to resettle but we have been waiting for their case to be determined.
“I have no idea of any other eviction in Morata, especially the one reported, so it should be referred to the Lands Department.”

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