Call for govt to improve electoral system


THE new government must modernise the electoral system as its first business, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says.
Parkop urged the government to work with the electoral commissioner to put in place the biometric system for PNG elections.
“Just as we are changing and modernising our city, we must modernise our electoral system,” he said.
“We must come to the 21st century.
“We must deal with this electoral process. We must help the electoral commissioner.
“We must put in place a biometric system.
“All the voters must have their biometric data recorded to avoid cheating and double voting.”
Parkop said mistakes must not be repeated in the next general election and the government must start planning ahead.
“We must do this for our people for the greater and better future, we must not repeat what we have witnessed up to now,” he said.
“I’ve run in the election since 2002 and I’m almost a veteran and I know what I’m talking about.
“It’s not getting better so we must have the biometric system.
“Let’s not make an excuses anymore.
“Technology has progressed and now we must keep up with that and introduce electronic counting that will cut down all the delays we have witnessed all over the country.”

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