Call to introduce safety department


THIS is my personal observation after living in Port Moresby for over 13 years.
Many contractors who are building high-rise buildings do not practice safety for their workers over ground level.
Many workers have died and many have suffered serious injuries due to falling.
There is no proper safety record in Port Moresby because the Government does not have a safety department of its own.
We do have road safety officers only and that is good.
A lot of innocent lives have been lost and nothing has been done for workers working above buildings and structures.
Most of the industries, especially mining, do have safety departments.
Any worker who works above 1.8 metres in a construction industry is required to maintain 100 per cent tie-off.
Anything above 1.2 metres in general industry is also working at height and workers will require 100 per cent tie-off.
Construction companies want the job to be done and completed without looking into the risks involved.
When you drop something from height, or a worker falls from height,  it takes seconds to touch the ground.
We are than talking about the life of the poor guy.
At the end of the day, the Government is enjoying the tax deduction that is made from people like these, who are risking their lives.
The contractor is happy but the wife, children, tribe and community will miss that guy.
National Capital District Commission is doing a great job for the good of the city.
I appeal to Governor Powes Parkop to introduce a safety department.
Recruit unemployed citizens into this new role to keep an eye to contractors and business houses to always maintain safe work practices.

Concerned Citizen
Francis Boso
Port Moresby

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