Call for justice for slain pastor


I read with tears in my heart the news article about a pastor being killed in Jiwaka (The National, Oct 17).
My father is also pastor in the same church as the deceased and it saddens me reading about this inhuman incident.
Only God judge the people and punish them and not the mankind to punish.
This pastor must have been a soul winner in his profession and killing  him is a loss to the church.
The suspects must be dealt with accordingly and must face the full penalty for murdering the professional church worker who is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in PNG.
I am calling on the law enforcers to apprehend any suspects and charge them for manslaughter and murder.
On that same note, I am calling on the respective church offices in Jiwaka and the national head office in Lae through national pastors’ office to take this into consideration the risks involved in doing church works.
Pastors are the ears and eyes of the church and this incident must be dealt with seriously.

Sky Bobeng, Via email

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