Call made for street vendors to be utilised in workforce


A PORT Moresby street vendor believes that if organised and utilised well by the Government, street vendors can become an important part of the national workforce.
Benson Kaupa, 38, from Chimbu, believes that street vendors and other unemployed people who take part in informal businesses such as betel nut selling are a hardy lot as shown by their determination to find ways to earn an income.
Kaupa said street vendors are hard workers as they are relentless and are often up at dawn and the last to go home.
“Street venders and individuals involved in the informal sector are very industrious and the Government should look at ways in
utiliding this very important resource,” he said.
“We have the drive and the determination to make ends meet to look after our families. Most street vendors may be semi-educated but we can still be resourceful.
“I believe that most street venders do what they do because of lack of employment opportunities.”
Kaupa said the Government should look at ways in addressing unemployment and in creating employment opportunities for vendors like himself.
Kaupa said that although he has been street vending for the last 10 years, he still hoped to find employment.
“I do not have much in educational qualifications but I hope to find a more constant source of income through formal employment.”

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