Call to maintain infrastructure


MOROBE statesman Jerry Nalau says PNG is building deathtraps by not being able to maintain infrastructure in the country.
“We need to overhaul the entire service delivery machinery because they are the biggest problem,” Nalau  said.
“Though the elected leaders are there, the machinery fails to fit in well. Many public servants are stubborn to realign their thinking and performance to cope with existing government systems to ensure the systems functions.
“I am saddened to see people die at sea while travelling on dinghies.
“Why are rural farmers planting more coffee and cocoa trees because the fruits are harvested by cuscus and birds while pigs and rats harvest fresh food in the gardens.”
Nalau said after 42 years of independence, there was nothing new in terms of  roads, bridges, wharves and airstrips linking remote areas.
“With little money at that time, we have delivered impact projects that still exist but slowly deteriorating in rural areas, compared with today’s K10 million in district services and K5 million for provincial services – huge money with no impacts,” he said.
“The government is building their own deathtraps.
“Government officers do not respect the office they serve in.  No proper project plans, no acquittals of huge spending, land grabbing, misuse of tuition fee-free, no apt communication channel and the list continues.”

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