Call for Pacific nations to learn from Iceland’s fisheries sector


A delegate on a fisheries exchange to Iceland says Pacific nations should follow Iceland’s example and maximise the value of their catch rather than rushing to catch more.
Iceland has developed from being one of the world’s poorest countries to one of its richest on the back of its fishing industry.
Pacific representatives travelled there thist month to learn more about its success.
Secretariat of the Pacific Community Fisheries director Moses Amos said Iceland had introduced a quota system and ensured it received the full value out of the fish it did catch.
“They are using the skins for pharmaceutical purposes, they’re drying the bones and the fish heads having it exported to Africa,” he said.
Amos said the flesh was exported but the guts was used to process fishmeal for aquaculture purposes and for livestock.
He said the biggest challenge for Pacific nations was to domesticate their fishing operations as Iceland had done. – Radio New Zealand

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