Call to promote literacy


LITERACY remains a right that is denied on 44 per cent of the population of Papua New Guinea and more needs to be done to promote it in learning institutions, an official says.
East New Britain acting provincial administrator Wilson Matava highlighted this last week during the National Literacy Week in the province.
He said the literacy week was important to remind everybody of the importance of literacy.
“It is important for us as a nation and in ENB that we need to encourage this partnership with churches, service providers to improve literacy in all levels of influence and institutions we are in.”
Matava said in order to have an impact in everyone, literacy needed to be nurtured and supported through the availability of books, newsletters, and other means applicable in society today.
“Literacy cannot be allowed to wither and die through lack of materials,” he said.
“I would like to commend the Education Department for developing this vital material so that we continue to promote adult literacy in the communities.”

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