Call to provide relevant training


TECHNICAL and Vocational Education Training (Tvet) schools in the provinces must offer training needed there considering the industrial activities and what is available.
Tvet school operation assistant secretary Asseneth Tugiau said some provinces are small like Manus and we are telling them to look at their own economy and come up with courses that can enhance the workforce.
“In Manus, the economy is more fisheries, we should go into that economy we have abundant in the province,” Tugiau said.
“Now if we say we train people to go out and work in the mine, there is no mine in Manus so we go by economy of the province.
“We tell them, you train them according to the demand and not supply driven.”
She encouraged the vocational schools and community colleges to research of the need and demand in the province before offering skilled courses.
“You must carry out research so you know the needs out there so that we addressed that,” she said.
“For some of us, we just train and we don’t know we are just training too many carpenters we are just training too many mechanics or something.”
Tugiau said starting now till 2018, the government had set directive to have one community college and one vocational schools in a district.
“So what we are telling the provinces that they already have two vocational colleges in one district then convert one to community college so that they work with it. You know funding does not come easily and we are giving them the alternatives.”

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