Call to recognise Central’s resources


CENTRAL has been discriminated and denied the right to be recognised for its resources, acting deputy administrator Marina Faiteli says.
Faiteli told The National that this was evident in the high number of beche-de-mer (sea cucumber) fisheries license applicants from National Capital District.
She said although Central had been considered to be part of NCD, Central needed to be recognised separately.
“We have given a lot of our resources to Papua New Guinea including the nation’s capital,” Faiteli said.
“We have been discriminated in a lot of ways because of our location within National Capital District.
“If we look at giving business to our people in Central.
“It will also help the Government to generate income.
“We will be helping the Government to improve the livelihoods of the Central people through fisheries activities.
“Treat us like a province, through this committee we are seriously looking at giving prominence and priority to the Central people.”
Meanwhile, the fisheries management and advisory committee met last week to decide on issuing licenses to three exporters of the beche-de-mer.
There were 19 beche-de-mer fisheries applications out of which 15 were from National Capital District while four were from Central.
The committee established in 2015, held its first meeting last year and in the second meeting this week the 10 members were sworn in.

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