Call to replace wooden bridge that serves school


THE Waghi Valley Secondary School in Jiwaka needs a permanent bridge to allow vehicles to travel to and from the school.
The temporary wooden bridge currently used is on the verge of collapsing.
The bridge serves the Sigri Community School, churches and Bung villagers.
Deputy principal Betty Wena told The National that the wooden bridge was built by locals after the old metal bridge collapsed last year.
“A huge truck loaded with roofing iron sheets to be distributed to the people caused the bridge to collapse because it was very old – built in the 1980s,” Wena said.
“The locals, helped by the students, then put up a temporary foundation which is likely to break down.
“If it collapses, the school will be affected.”
She said a permanent metal bridge would last longer but was expensive.
Wena urged MP Dr Fabian Pok and Governor Dr William Tongamp and other stakeholders to build a permanent bridge across the Bongul creek.
The wooden bridge is being used by more than 2000 people including students.
Wena said the school was there to educate the children of Jiwaka and urgent government intervention was needed.
“We must have a strong permanent bridge to transport food for the mess, stationeries and building materials.”

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