Call to respect public facilities


INFRASTRUCTURE costs a lot of money and time to build and the people should appreciate and use them properly, Works and Implementation Minister Michael Nali says.
Nali said they should take ownership of the infrastructure instead of considering them as government property and, therefore, its responsibility.
Such mentality must stop, he said when taking senior officials from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to inspect the progress of multi-million kina bridges along the Hiritano Highway at Laloki and Brown River in Central.
“For us Papua New Guineans, we have these mentality of saying that’s (something) belongs to Government,” Nali said.
“But you tell me who government is?
“There’s no specific object or human being called government.
“We (people) are the Government.
“We are the ones that will be using these bridges and roads and other infrastructure developments that are taking place in the country.”
Nali, who is a builder by profession, said it took a lot of effort to secure such projects and a lot of time to build them.
“I want our people in PNG to learn to understand that these things belong to us,” he said.
“Take ownership of it, be proud of it and look after it so that it will benefit you and others who need these service.”
Nali thanked the ADB for the funding assistance and highlighted.
The two double-lane bridge are part of a US$100 million (K318 million) investment by ADB over a 10-year period to replace all temporary Bailey bridges along national highways.

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