Call to setup flights to Townsville


A TOWNSVILLE missionary organisation has thrown its weight behind a push for direct flights between Townsville and Port Moresby, saying hundreds of their volunteers would use the service each year.
It comes as buzz builds around the proposed Townsville-PNG flights, with discussions continuing between the Townsville Airport and Air Niugini.
Volunteers for Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM) latest outreach trip to PNG left Townsville yesterday to help deliver vital medical services to villages.
The Townsville Bulletin reported that the volunteers flew from Townsville to Cairns and then to Port Moresby before taking a third flight to the region where the organisation’s ship was based.
YWAM managing director Ken Mulligan said having a direct service would save time and money to allow them to consider further expansion.
“We have literally hundreds of people that would utilise this service,” he said.
“It would cut down the time significantly.
“I know YWAM for one would support this strongly.
“The easier we can make it, the better for everyone.”
Mulligan said he frequently travelled to Port Moresby via Cairns or Brisbane and ended up spending a lot of time in airports waiting for connecting flights.
“Instead of taking a few hours, it takes all day to get there,” he said.
“It would allow busy people such as officials to catch a flight straight down and then only have to be here for a day, rather than three or four.”

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