Call to stand by your faith


GOD has created mankind wonderfully but sin has spoiled his creation and separated man from God, a church leader says.
Deputy head bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG Rev Lucas Kindabing said this during his Easter message at the Lutheran Students Easter camp in Gabsongkec village in Morobe on Friday.
Kindabing said despite the sinfulness of men, God sent His Son into the world to save us from eternal condemnation.
“God, in His own way, noticed that men had gone astray and in his holiness and righteousness saved us from our sins,” Kindabing said.
“God forgave our sins because His Son had died for us.
“He did not see our sins but he saw the good in us through the death of His Son.
“He saw His own holiness and righteousness in us.
“That is the sacredness and foundation of the faith that we are in.
“Jesus is the way to God.
“There is nothing on this earth that can save us except Jesus.”
Kindabing said sinners must realise this and dedicate their lives to the service of the Lord Jesus.
He told Lutheran students not to be swayed in their faith but continue to follow Jesus steadfastly.
Kindabing said God’s grace was not earned by sinners through hard work but it was given freely to them by God himself.
He said faith alone was needed for a sinner to be put right with God.

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