Call to submit cash flow, work plan


ALL government departments have until December 23 this year to submit their cash flow and work plans to the Department of National Planning and Monitoring, Secretary Hakaua Harry says.
Harry told agencies at the heads of agency meeting last Friday to start now to avoid rushing around in January next year to receive their funding on time to implement their programmes.
“I will be expecting cash flows and work programmes from all of you, if you do not submit on time, you do not get your next funding,” she said.
“That is the requirement that will allow me to consolidate and work with Treasury to release the warrants to you.
“If I do not get any of those from any of you, I will not be able to release on time so that we implement on time.
“I will work with Treasury Department to make sure it’s consolidated and depending on resources available by January and February next year, we could be able to release some funding to all of you to start implementing.”
She emphasised the importance of having mechanisms in place to monitor and to ensure that oversights are provided for the implementation of the programmes.
Harry added that each department would be expected to establish a project steering committee including representatives from Treasury, Finance and Planning for one project or more projects.
As required by law under the Planning Act, all departments are required to submit mid-term, quarterly and also annual end of the year reports.
“We want to see what you have been doing with the resources and funding given and to ensure that implementation is on target.”

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