Call to table public service report


NORTHERN Governor and vice-chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service Gary Juffa has urged the Government to table its report at the next parliament sitting and consider the recommendations made by the committee to overhaul the public service.
Juffa said that the delay in the long overdue overhaul of the public service would only delay the development of the nation.
Juffa expressed frustration at the delay in and urged the Government to address the issue of restructuring and modernising an ineffective and inefficient public service machine.
“Politicians are not the implementers, it is the public service. Politicians are the drivers. However, you cannot get far with a broken old outdated machine,” he said.
“All economies that are progressive have one thing in common – a modern, effective public service.
“It’s what PNG lacks. Our public service is a defunct, outdated system. It deteriorated over long neglect.
“Politicians are to be blamed for this. It’s a system that no longer protects or promotes PNG interests.
“Instead, it is now hijacked by transnational criminals and selfish individuals to carve out and sell PNG as quickly as possible, it seems.”
Juffa said hardworking and intelligent public servants were discouraged by a system that did not adequately remunerate them while nepotism allowed selfish, dangerous individuals to climb up and secure key positions.
“When that happens, it’s to the detriment of PNG and the people. Something drastic must be done. Otherwise, we shall continue to see regress and reminisce about the good old days to no avail.”

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