Call to table public service review


Northern Governor Gary Juffa has called on the Government to table the report on the public service review.
Juffa while commending the O’Neil Government for its appointment of Elias Kapavore as Public Service Minister, said he would support Kapavore to continue the reforms he had proposed through the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service to modernise the public service.
He said Kapavore was a practical leader as he had demonstrated as chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee and urged him to go one step further by taking the committee’s report, which recommended changes to the public service laws to modernise it and make it a more effective development vehicle.
Juffa said the public service machinery was outdated and badly needed modernisation to better perform its role as the Government’s premier development delivery mechanism.
He said all public servants needed to be on contract and the Public Service Management Act should be updated, simplified and made less of an impediment. “They must all be guaranteed housing and decent wages and reduced income taxes to attract the best possible performers,” Juffa said.
“Building a nation, protecting it and promoting it’s people’s interests are far more important than generating profits and as such PNG needs the best professionals but such people need to be paid well and their loyalty cultivated with proper management,” he said.
He visited Kapavore recently and offered his help and experience and continued support from his place in the Opposition.

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